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The first tool to address the root cause of phishing.


No integration. Simply copy 3 files to your website servers.


No need for an expert, a few minutes are enough to cover your websites.


Safeguard trust in your brand, increase your e-reputation and your performance.

Phishing is the primary source of $10T global cyber attack economic costs


More than 90% of all cyber attacks begin with phishing
- CISA, 2023

2 M

over 2 million attacks in 2022 involved a fake website
- APWG 2022, 2023


Phishing attacks grew >150% CAGR 2019-2022
- APWG 2022

Our mission, a common ambition : establish Certilane as the assurance of a more serene browsing experience for all.


Create security in your distribution network. With Robin, Certilane certifies your official distribution network

Robin’s presence allows your clients to dialog with you in full confidence.

Thanks to Robin, your clients make their purchases with complete peace of mind. A successful customer journey that quickly becomes a reflex.

Certilane protects companies and their managers from criminal litigations with customers who are victims of scams impersonating their brands. See our founder's story.

A unique solution for your business


Patented. Guarantee the authenticity of your website to your visitors to prevent them from being victims of fakes.



Protect both your customers & your e-reputation at a low cost. A few dollars per protected website, vs a data risk of >$140 per compromised record.


Preservation of your e-reputation and
protection of your manager's liability in data loss
or supply chain attacks.



User data is not collected so we can fight better against scams.

How does it work?

A "url multi-factor authentication" for web users.

Certilane addresses the root cause of phishing with a tool. that, from the perspective of the web user, resembles what some have called "a url multi-factor authentication".

Certilane notifies any web user about the trustworthiness of a website, from that website to avoid middle-man attacks. It delivers a notification instantly through a pre-installed mobile app, partner mobile apps (i.e. Certilane's API on your bank or insurance app), and partner solutions (Certilane chrome and CMS plug-ins).
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