Together, let’s put trust back
at the heart of your navigation




Before purchasing a product or giving personal information, Certilane will certify in one clic that you are navigating on the authentic website


Our app is FREE !


No personal data requested !
Only a nickname

The only anti-scamming solution for a trusty cyber world

Hello, I’m Robin

Malware is to the web what pollution is to our planet.

More and more cyber risks are endangering our society.

Some want to clean oceans

And I, Robin, Certilane’s cyber-protector, want to jointly clean the cyber world.


To succeed, I am your trusted partner :

By downloading Certilane application on your smartphone, I’ll be operational


Be reassured by a simple act

By certifying the authenticity of a web page and securing your navigation.


Let’s work together to put trust back at the heart of your navigation

With my patented superpowers, you are ensured to be at the right place, at the right moment.

I will be on your side to certify that you are on the right brand website or its official distributor.

You can then look for information, fill administrative formulars or make a purchase with a total peace of mind.


Have the answer at hand !

With your phone

Or with your computer

Because the more you will be by my side, the less room there will be for digital scams