Certilane protects your brand image and reputation from fraud and scams.

The Problem

Today, your customers have'nt guarantee they are on the right website when they receive an email, or click on a link to "your" site.

Malicious organizations can copy your site, and send your visitors to it, to steal their data.

Even if you'ne not responsible, your customers will remember that their personal or banking details were stolen by going to "your" website.

They will associate your brand with this bad experience and your responsibility can be engaged

Remove doubts, protect your customers

Certilane is the only anti-phishing solution in the world.

Once our tamper-proof protection system installed on your website , your customers will be able to check that the site on which they are is really YOUR website.

Patented Certification

Our patented app instantly certifies your customers the authenticity of your website so they don’t become victim of scammers or other fraudulent activities.

Simple to Implement

In just a few clicks, install our Lanecode on your server. Certilane is an external service, we don’t modify in your customer’s access to your site nor doesn’t touch any of the sensitive data from your servers

Adapts to your Website

You can adapt the appareance of Lanecode to your graphic charter, for better integration into your website.

Customers Trust

Give them the guarantee that they are on your site, and you will increase your R.O.I.